Friday, February 4, 2011

Week 29 And Counting

I just bought this hat for Hudson off of Esty! I think it's so cute! Although, there are several other hats I want to get for him for his first pictures.

Here are some of the other ones I want to get! They are so cute!

Esty has such cute ideas for photo props using baby cocoons and hammocks.

I'm just trying to figure out what I want the most. So many great choices!

I decided on this bedding from Copage Designs. I plan on getting the matching lampshade, diaper stacker and a few other things to match the bedding.

I am 29 weeks and it has been so exciting to know that I'm almost there! It has been hard because I have had reacurring UTI's and I have been on three different antibiotics. I have horrible symptoms again and I dread having to take medication again. It's hard because I never really know if it's a UTI or a flare-up from having Interstitial cystitis. I'd love to take something natural but unfortunately, everything that is natural has cranberry in it and that is like pouring acid on my bladder. I am praying & trusting that God will continue to protect baby Hudson from all these infections I have had. I have been in SO much pain!

I cannot wait till April and I get to see his face!! I am looking into having a doula there with me when I give birth at the hospital to keep those Doctors in line. I would like things to stat as natural as possible and I heard Kaiser is pretty good about having mid-wives there with you too. So, we shall see!

Today my stroller I have wanted for so long is expected to arrive! Thanks to my wonderful mother, sister and family friend,Linda! You wouldn't believe how hard it was buying this! That's a whole other story though and would raise my blood pressure to go into it! So, I'll just tell you how excited I am! I have the matching baby bag to go with it and my mother is knitting a blanket for Hudson too to match. My son will be styling in his new travel system!

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