Thursday, February 24, 2011

~ 32 Weeks! ~

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I am just about done with everything I need before Hudson's arrival! I just need Hudson's going home outfit and lots of diapers! I even picked out his birth announcements! I think it matches his bedding and I can't wait to see his picture on here!

I just ordered his crib & custom bedding (although I've always co-slept with my babies until they were 2 1/2 years old) I just felt like I needed to nest and have a spot that was all for Hudson. I still wanted to be able to decorate. When my boys were younger, I used to put them in the crib for play time or if I needed to clean up and my back was killing me from carrying them. I am a big fan of co-sleeping though. A baby is used to being inside it's mother. A mothers sighs, rustlings and even snoring are stimulating to a baby, helping to pull him out of any too-long or too-deep sleep. SIDS is one reason why I would never want my baby away from me. I don't believe in letting babies "cry it out" or "self soothe themselves". This is not is nurturing my baby that has needs and cannot take care of himself. Parent can't spoil an infant. Babies cry for a reason. Babies need to be close to the breast for a reason. After all, they only stay little for a short time.

These last weeks I have bought stuff from Babies R Us, Esty, Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Target & Nordstrom. I can't wait to see the blankets my mother made for Hudson! She is also sending some nursing PJ's and more baby clothes she bought. Now, for my purchase at Winter Promise for next years curriculum! Thank goodness for our tax return! Here's a couple of pictures of the cocoon I decided on for Hudson's first pictures.

I was hoping the weather would be better this weekend for some pregnancy pictures, but it looks like it is going to rain again. Perhaps next weekend.

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