Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jonah Tyler, You Are 7 Years Old!

Today my 2nd born son Jonah, turned seven! I can't believe how much he's grown! He has such a sweet and tender spirit. He's always been my peacemaker. He is my pride & joy. I got teared up just thinking about the day he was born. What sweet memories I have of him.

Jonah is really into Clone Wars, so he and I decided to use that theme. I was very happy with how the cake turned out. Yoda's lightsaber looked like it was really glowing a fluorescent green! I also surprised him and had his radio control giant flying shark filled with helium. That turned out to be real fun for the boys, although we have to hide it from the cats! I'm sure they would enjoy popping it! Hudson (my youngest) just stared at it. He seemed a bit confused as to why a big shark was swimming through the house!

Happy Birthday, Jonah!

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