Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Don't Blink......

Children grow up way too fast. I remember the day this picture was taken at my moms. We had Cainen, my oldest take a picture with his two cousins, Kelsie and Carson.

Now look at them. Is it really possible they have grown this fast?

I love this picture of Hudson. This was taken after one of our walks. I love to bundle him up and stroll down to the cute little village next to my moms. I can just imagine Jimmy Stewart running down the snowy streets of Bedford falls. What's Christmas without watching It's A Wonderful Life? I think I'll watch that movie this week.

I love this picture of all the cousins together. They all have grown up so much. Where does time go?

Here they all are together with my mom in front of the Christmas tree. They all had such a good time together.

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