Monday, November 7, 2011

My Blue Heaven

My sweet boy is now crawling! A part of me is happy to see such an exciting milestone occur and the other half of me is sad. How can he be crawling already? Wasn't he just born? His newborn days went by so quickly and I can hardly recall him being tiny. Although, I must continually remind myself that I do not have small babies to begin with.

Not only is he crawling but he's pulling himself up and hanging on to furniture. He loves to explore. I gave him a banana the other day. It was his very first solid food. I smeared just a tad on my finger and he absolutely loved it! Though, his face did show some confusion when he first tasted the banana but them he forcefully shoved my finger into his mouth to get some more! He really is a pretty high maintenance baby. If he is not nursing in my arms than he must be the center of attention. He loves to play with his brothers and he seems to think that he's not a baby. Rather he's a big boy that can take on the world. Have I mentioned how strong he is? He continually amazes me. I feel as though I have a toddler already rather than a six month old!

One of my many favorite things about this blue eyed angel, is that he loves to give his mama kisses on the chin and cheeks and his hugs are so precious. He is just such a sweet baby boy! Another favorite of mine is when he gets excited, he turns his ankles and wrists in a circular motion and shakes his hands at a pretty rapid pace. One of the things he has done since he was only a few months old is that he brings his two thumbs and two index fingers together while he rotates his wrists. It's just so cute! I have to make sure I get that on video tape!

Have I mentioned how much Hudson loves to nurse? Apparently not all babies moan or talk while they nurse. After talking with a few other mommies, I realized that. All three of my boys made/make sweet noises while they nursed, so I guess I just assumed all babies did. It's just so precious to hear Hudson do it. He sounds like he's in pure heaven.

Hudson can have a pretty bad temper when he doesn't get his way. He just knows what he wants and if he doesn't get it, he will certainly let you know!

I love feeling his soft hair. It feels like velvet. He actually has a lot of hair but with it being blond you can't tell as much.

Sometimes I get lost looking into his baby blues. My beloved grandfather had blue eyes. I am truly blessed to have that reminder of my grandfather who awaits us in heaven. I am reminded of the song my grandfather always used to sing. My Blue Heaven. That's how I feel when I look into my sons eyes. He's my blue heaven.

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Brandy said...

He's adorable! Growing so fast!! <3