Tuesday, April 19, 2011

♛ An Upate On Hudson's Arrival ♛

Today I went to the Doctor. I still have not dilated at all. With me being 40 weeks this Thursday and having high blood sugar, my Doctor was hoping Hudson would have been here by now. On the 21st (Hudson's due date) I will be going in at 6:15 to take medication to help my cervix ripen. If there is no progress, I have the choice of going home later that day and wait for things to happen on their own or stay at the hospital and wait there. He said to do plenty of walking between now and then. Which I haven't been doing a lot of since I have been having so much pain with my bladder. For those of you who don't know I have Intersitial Cystitis (Painful Bladder Syndrome) Which started two weeks before my last son was born. During delivery I had major trauma to my bladder and since then, things have never been the same. Every day life can be difficult with this chronic condition. Please pray that that my issues with my bladder will not be a issue with this delivery.

I really want to do things naturally and so does my Doctor but he said with high blood sugar, I do risk still birth because of the placenta deteriorating or loosing amniotic fluid. Most Doctors would have taken Hudson by 39 weeks. I am just concerned because I have not dilated at all and I don't want to risk a C-Section. With my last delivery's I was in labor for 23 hours and on the verge of having C-Section and then at the last minute I dilated to a 10.

Please pray for a safe, fast and easy delivery. For a healthy boy and for God to calm my fears. Thank you everyone for all for constant prayers, love and encouragement!

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