Thursday, March 17, 2011

~ 35 Weeks ~

Yay for 35 weeks! Maybe Hudson will make his world debut in two weeks! I STILL need to put up pictures of my tummy! But first, I need to have some good shots taken. I feel a bit overwhelmed lately. I still need to wash all Hudson's clothes. His custom bedding has not come yet for his crib and the house is a mess! I am really behind in school but I figured we can catch up this summer. As soon as I get my duffel bag in the mail that I ordered from Target, I can pack for the hospital. Here's a picture of the bag I got. It matches perfectly with Hudson's baby bag, stroller & car seat.

My husband & boys will be painting Hudson's high chair a blue robins egg color. Yay for a vintage shabby chic look! I hope to post pictures of my belly soon!

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bnteasley said...

YAY!!! Cute bag too! <3 And I agree with the belly pics! lol