Friday, March 5, 2010

What We Have Been Doing In School

We have been really enjoying school! Last week we learned about the state of Louisiana. We listened to jazz music from Louis Armstrong and made Red Beans & Rice. It turned out real yummy! The boys loved it!

Last week Jonah learned about turtles and how we should not quit but preserve. Here is Jonah's badge he made for Turtle Week.

For science we did a seed experiment by putting seeds on a plate with a dry napkin and covering it with foil. Then we placed seeds on another plate with a wet napkin and covered it with foil as well. With two identical situations we saw what happens to seeds with water and seeds without water.

Here Cainen made a Lamb with the Bible verse he has been memorizing.

Cainen also learned about how the New England Primer was the book used in homes and schools. He learned how it taught moral values as well as the alphabet, often using ideas from the Bible. I also had him make a horn book!

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