Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Week 14 In Adventures

Last week in Adventures we learned about Delaware, Pennsylvania and Georgia. On the day in which we learned about PA, Cainen got to make the Liberty Bell. He did such a great job writing the scripture verse on the bell. He has beautiful handwriting, much better than mine I dare say. It was a lot of fun making it! For Georgia, we made a yummy peach cobbler, since GA is known for peaches. Yesterday we learned about Connecticut and their state bird the robin. So, we made robin nests that the boys could eat! For grass we used shredded wheat, for twigs we used chow mein noodles, for mud we used melted chocolate and peanut butter. As always Jonah was thrilled about eating this interesting creation of his but Cainen, not so much! This week I am going to have the boys do some nature study outside. Using their binoculars, we will be able to look for birds and journal our findings. Oh, the joys of homeschooling!


Isabel said...

Those look so good! Yummy :) Were those in the manual or did you find it somewhere else?

Whole Hearted Christian Home School said...

This was a part of MFW in week 14! My boys loved making them!

William Dunigan said...

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