Monday, December 21, 2009

A Christmas Country Spelling Bee

Cainen did such a wonderful job during his performance. He practiced for a very long time. He had a small part in the play and he remembered his line perfectly. He spoke loud and clearly. He sounded so adorable when he said,"Does an angel get his wings?" It reminded me of the movie, "It's A Wonderful Life." He sang and danced his little heart out. I couldn't help but cry when he prayed in front of everyone and thanked Jesus for dieing on the cross. I was not expecting that. Afterwards he told me, he didn't care about candy...he just wanted people to know Jesus. As a mother, nothing could be sweeter or more rewarding than hearing such a powerful prayer from their beloved son. Being a mother is hard sometimes but when I hear a prayer like that, it's as though I can feel God's love & reassurance. Even though I make many mistakes, I am reminded that God honors those that honor Him. So, on the days in which homeschooling seems a bit overwhelming, I can always feel God cheering me on... showing me the path that I need to continue to take. So that in the end my children will have His word written on their hearts and through it all Christ may be glorified.

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