Monday, December 21, 2009

History & Science Comes Alive

In My Father's World, Cainen & Jonah got to make a quill pen and ink made from berries. We studied the Declaration of Independence and we discussed how Benjamin Franklin helped Thomas Jefferson write it. We talked about John Hancock's very large signature and why he choose to write so big. Afterwards they got to write their own signature.

We also got to make Johnny Cakes together. This was a lot of fun and tasted yummy! Although Cainen didn't care for the apple butter (he doesn't like sweets)Jonah and I LOVED it! Johnny Cakes were a common food to eat during the time of George Washington . There are pancakes made from corn. They tasted a lot like Haste Pudding!

Cainen LOVES George Washington! So when I saw this George Washington craft at Joanne's, I knew I needed to buy it. Cainen loves to learn about this great leader and how he was called, "Bullet Proof Washington"

These were the boys Science experiments. Using a cucumber, we poured sugar on top to see that sugar soaks up water so well that it can draw water out of the cucumber.

We also learned that water can climb. We used sugar cubes and food coloring and watched as the water climbed up the sugar tower.

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Isabel said...

I love that little George Washington craft, very cute! We haven't made the Johnny Cakes yet, look yummy. :) Such fun stuff you are all doing in this post and all of your other photos.