Friday, October 9, 2009

Mayflower and Pilgrims In Adventures

This week in school,Cainen has been learning about Squanto and the Pilgrims. Today we planted three popcorn kernels and three fish crackers just like how Squanto taught the Pilgrims. Well, except they used real fish to fertilize the corn! I wasn't overly excited about using real dead fish to plant. So.... needless to say I was pretty content using crackers instead.

I decided to bring some corn with us, so Jonah could get more of a understanding as to what happens after we plant the corn.

Someone looks happy!

In Adventures, My Father's World asked that we make paper Tepees and a Wigwan. Cainen had already done that last year when we did, "American Story 1" from Winter Promise. So we decided to do this project instead. It turned out great!

Cainen made a sun with a paper plate, wax paper & crayon shavings. He then painted it and wrote, "Jesus Is The Light Of The World"

Here is Cainen's copywork & picture study page from, "Primary Language Lessons"

For our book basket time, I have been reading the books from Beautiful Feet. The books go along perfectly with My Father's World. In addition to using MFW timeline, I also am having Cainen do the time line from BF as well! He is doing such a great job!

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Shannon said...

Great job! Love your tepee scene...great idea! Your cake looks so much like a moon... and yummy. Thanks for sharing ideas... it really is so helpful and makes me want to makes sure I go that extra mile to make it great fun for my kiddos.