Friday, August 7, 2009

What is the "Literature Learning Method?"

The "Literature Learning Method" is popular with many homeschoolers because it offers a low amount of planning, wonderful books, and a format that allows teaching multiple ages together. The "Literature Learning Method" or literature approach is centered around reading and enjoying both fiction literature and non-fiction books that are filled with exciting content and hold your family's interest. These literature materials allow several desirable learning goals to be accomplished:

* Families read many of the books aloud together, which allows a format for open discussion.
* The open discussion (combined with the quality of the books themselves) fosters thinking skills and encourages discussion about important issues.
* Over time, these discussions bear fruit in your children; they will develop an ability to answer open-ended questions, make educated guesses, propose possible solutions, and even defend a point of view. This is true education!
* The literature and discussion format means you can school several different ages at once, since you can tailor what you focus on and what you skip over depending on the ages and interests of your students.

Article From Winter Promise

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